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6 benefits of electric toothbrush

Some of the main benefits of using an electric toothbrush over a traditional brush is that electric brushes provide a more thorough cleaning, it’s better at plaque removal, easier to use, less strain on the gums and lots of options are available. Electric toothbrushes are also more environmentally friendly and popular with people. 

If you’re thinking of buying that new electric toothbrush, this article should help you make a firm decision. Unlike a few years ago, electric toothbrushes can now be found everywhere and have become quite affordable with a lot of different options.

Provides a More Thorough Cleaning

It should come as no surprise, but electric toothbrushes provide a longer and more thorough cleaning than your traditional manual brush. Why? Well, for one, the electric toothbrush has an oscillating head that cleans your teeth like a professional dentist. This oscillating motion more easily removes plaque and other stains from your teeth, which is difficult to do with a traditional toothbrush, which has a simple horizontal movement.

A Longer Cleaning

In addition, an electric toothbrush has an automatic timer set for 2 minutes. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes for a proper cleaning twice a day. This means 30 seconds in each of the four quadrants of your mouth. An electric toothbrush ensures that you do spend the required time cleaning your teeth every day. Some models even vibrate after 30 seconds signaling you to move on to the next quadrant.

Better at Plaque Removal

electric toothbrushes remove plaque buildupDue to the oscillating design, electric toothbrushes are much better at removing plaque and preventing gingivitis and bad breath. The key findings of one study showed that powered toothbrushes were 11% better at removing plaque (during 1 to 3 months) and then 21% better after 3 months.

prevent bad breath

Electric toothbrushes can also prevent bad breath, which is caused by food particles being stuck in your teeth. Due to its more thorough cleaning (30,000+ more strokes per minute compared to just 300 strokes by a manual toothbrush), electric toothbrushes tend to remove far more food particles that are often left behind by a manual toothbrush.

The head of an electric toothbrush is inspired by professional dental equipment and the head is small and round. This small, circular shape is designed to fit around each tooth providing a much deeper cleaning and preventing any food particles to be left in your mouth. This greatly reduces the chances of bad breath developing in your mouth.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the benefites of electric toothbrush, so electric toothbrushes are great for the elderly or those with limited mobility or manual dexterity. Traditional brushing requires a certain amount of strength and hand movement. This may be difficult for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, stroke or paralysis. If you suffer from any of these listed conditions, then an electric toothbrush would be a great alternative for you.

Less Strain on Your Gums

Once you get used to using an electric toothbrush, it tends to be more gentle on your gums. Some people tend to put more than the required force using a manual toothbrush and this causes unnecessary strain on your gums.

Hope this post help you choose an electric toothbrush by yourself. If you are interested in more electric toothbrush information, please visit our Official Website.

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