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Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush

4 certifications of Vsmile sonic electric toothbrush  

Product Introduction:

1. 5 working modes, including Clean/White/Polish/Gum care/Sensitive, provide effective brushing methods, protect and clean your teeth.
2. 2200mAh super capacity, one full charge can last 65-80 days(twice a day), don’t worry about the electric toothbrush running out, even if you travel for a long time.
3. IPX 7 waterproof, you can use it when in the bath and shower.
4. 2 minutes smart timer, it can stop automatically when time‘s up, very convinent, you don’t have to stop it by yourself.
5. 3100 times/min, high frquency, whiten your teeth in two weeks.
6. Multi Certifications: FCC, FDA, CE, ROHS

FCC certification

FDA certification

CE cetificaton

ROHS cetificaton


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