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Differences between Vsmile electric toothbrush and other electric toothbrushes

What is the differences between the Vsmile electric toothbrush and other brands of electric toothbrushes? Today, I will talk to you about the differences between them. Core parts of electric toothbrush: motor, battery, motherboard, waterproof design
There are two main methods of electric toothbrush motors on the market, one is a brushed motor, and the other is a brushless motor. The brushless motor of Vsmile electric toothbrush is the current mainstream of sonic electric toothbrush, because it is better than brushed motor in terms of quality and life.

The battery of the Vsmile electric toothbrush is a 2200mAh lithium battery, power toothbrush. Based on the calculation of 2 minutes for each brushing time and twice a day, the battery life of the Vsmile electric toothbrush can reach about 65 days. Even if you are on a business trip for a week or two, you have enough power. And it uses the USB port wireless charging method, charging is safer and more convenient. Other electric toothbrushes use a disposable battery, which not only has a short battery life but is also not environmentally friendly.

The chip of the mainboard of the Vsmile electric toothbrush has a memory mode, it can remember your last brushing mode, and then when you next start it, you will directly jump to that mode. Most electric toothbrushes/ automatic toothbrush on the market now have this function.

Waterproof design:
Vsmile electric toothbrush uses the national standard IPX 7 waterproof, it is immersed for 30 minutes in the depth of 1 meter water to see the effect of the product.

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