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Electric toothbrush head replacement time

Many people have doubts about the time of changing the electric toothbrush head. Is it one month, two months or three months? Under normal circumstances, the brush head of an electric toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3 months. This is because most people use the toothbrush for about 3 months. The bristles will bend and wear due to long-term use. Brushing effect is reduced. However, if you use too much force during the tooth brushing process, which will cause the toothbrush to wear faster, you need to replace the toothbrush once every 1-2 months.

When brushing, no matter what kind of toothbrush is used to remove plaque on the teeth, the cleaning effect will be directly proportional to the brushing time. The correct brushing time is at least 2 minutes. Vsmile smart electric toothbrush, 2 minutes When the time is up, you will stop brushing, and when you use the electric toothbrush, you can achieve a better cleaning effect when the brushing time cannot be guaranteed.

There are many options for the size of the electric toothbrush head, but it is generally recommended to choose a small brush head. Although the large toothbrush has a large coverage, it can save the time and energy of brushing to the greatest extent. However, if the brush head is too large, it is easy to have insufficient flexibility, making some dead corners in the mouth difficult to brush, and the small brush head can easily Brush to the inside of the mouth.

In addition, when choosing an electric toothbrush, in addition to paying attention to the function of the electric toothbrush itself, you also need to choose a suitable brush head. Generally, soft bristles are recommended. The soft bristles can easily penetrate the gingival sulcus and the interdental space to achieve the effect of cleaning the teeth, but the bristles must not be too soft, so as not to affect the cleaning effect of the teeth. Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush has two types of white and soft brush heads, which can be selected according to individual needs.


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