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How to find the most suitable e toothbrush by yourself

Finding the most suitable e toothbrush by yourself is not that of an easy job anyway. You have to know what you need and what don’t need. Well, we know a high-end electric toothbrush can cost you a good amount of money. An e toothbrush price is about the quality and features. There are four tips to help you find the most suitable e toothbrush.

What is a smart e toothbrush?

For the past few years, we are hearing a lot about smart electric toothbrushes. They work with a mini motor. Most of toothbrushes have 5 different brushing modes with 2-minute timer and 30-seconds reminder. Some e toothbrush can always connect your app via Bluetooth or any other way. Well, they are connected via an app so that you can check out your whole brushing process all the time.

What do you need in an e toothbrush?

Actually, all you need is just the 2-minute timer on your e toothbrush. 2-minute timer make sure your brushing time achieve science brushing time. Yes, e toothbrushes are getting smarter day by day and you can connect it with your smartphone. But often we find that connecting the toothbrush with your toothbrush is just useless and less supportive. So 2-minute timer and 30-seconds reminder are the important feature of Vsmile e toothbrush.

What you don’t necessarily need in an e toothbrush?

There are some special adding that add more value in the e toothbrush. Well, a UV sanitizer, travel case, modes, app connectivity, Bluetooth support will add more value to it. Anyway, you necessarily don’t need all this. Like brushing modes, 3-5 modes just enough and meet your needs. If you don’t need other special adding functions, spend your money on your needs.

When should you replace your brush head?

This is a very important question to ensure cleaning effivient. Well, expert dentists suggest that you should replace your manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush brush head within 3 to four months. Some cheap toothbrush bristles don’t even last for 2 months. So, that depends on the quality of your bristles. Check out the condition of your e toothbrush head bristles. If they have started to fade away or breaking down, replace it with a newer one. Some e toothbrush heads come with the top remind bristles. The bristles shift their colors and you know when to replace them.

Final decision

Making a final decision to buy the most suitable e toothbrush is not easy. Hope what you need to consider and what you necessarily don’t need to consider before purchasing an electric toothbrush. can help you decide buy a suitable e toothbrush.

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