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How to prevent the COVID-19 –Vsmile sonic electric toothbrush

As everyone knows, New virus COVID-19 has begun large-scale infections in many countries and regions. Faced with such a tight epidemic situation, how can we effectively protect ourselves from being infected? We can do this to prevent the COVID-19:

First, minimize outing activities

(1) Avoid going to areas where the disease is endemic.

(2) Reduce activities to crowded public places, especially places with poor air mobility, such as hot springs, cinemas, shopping malls, stations, airports, exhibition halls, etc.

Second, personal protection and hand hygiene

(1) Wearing a mask when going out. Wear medical surgical masks or N95 masks when going out to public places, for medical treatment, and on public transportation.

(2) Maintain hand hygiene at all times. Reduce contact with public goods and parts in public places; wash hands with hand sanitizer or soap running water after returning from public places, after coughing, covering hands, before and after meals, or using alcohol-free hand sanitizer; when you are not sure whether your hands are clean Avoid touching the nose, mouth and eyes with your hands; cover your mouth and nose with your elbow clothes when sneezing or coughing.

Third, maintain good hygiene and health habits.

(1) Open windows frequently in the living room and keep ventilation.

(2) Family members do not share towels, keep their homes and tableware clean, and wash their clothes frequently.

(3) Spitting is not performed everywhere, and the nose and mouth secretions are wrapped with paper towels and thrown away in covered garbage bins.

(4) pay attention to nutrition, exercise moderately.

(5) Don’t contact or buy 、 eat wild animals, try to avoid going to markets that sell live animals (poultry, seafood, wild animals, etc.).

Finally, Vsmile sonic electric toothbrush hope everyone can protect yourselves, best wishes for you and your family.







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