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Should I use an sonicare electric toothbrush?

Most friends have a concern before using an sonicare electric toothbrush,”Am I suitable for using a sonicare electric toothbrush?” In fact, sonicare electric toothbrushes are suitable for all people, especially automatic toothbrush have obvious effects on the following people.
First, people with bad breath. Especially for people with wide interdental space, some food residues will always remain in the interdental space after each meal. Traditional toothbrushing methods cannot effectively clean food residues in the interdental space, so food residues will ferment in the mouth and cause bad breath. The electric toothbrush can drive food residues from between the teeth through vibration, remove the residues in time, and avoid bad breath.

Second, those who have tooth decay. The automatic toothbrush can penetrate deep into the teeth, effectively remove food residues, bacteria, etc., protect the teeth and final tissue, and remove irritants.

Third, those who have bleeding gums. The best sonicare toothbrushcleans the wound of bleeding gums, and the wound will heal gradually, thus avoiding bleeding of gums.

Fourth, people who smoke, drink coffee and drink tea regularly. Often smoking, drinking coffee, and drinking tea can easily make your teeth yellow or plaque, and even a black line can appear in the teeth, which makes your teeth look very unsightly. The electric toothbrush can effectively solve these problems and give you a pair of white teeth, so that you can show a perfect and confident smile whenever and wherever possible.

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