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Vsmile sonic electric toothbrush–The right way to brush your teeth

We have brushed our teeth every day since we were three years old, but do you really brush your teeth right? Improper brushing can result in our mouths not being effectively cleaned and protected. Improper cleaning can cause teeth to become yellow, stained plaque, and so on. Excessive cleaning can cause gum bleeding and damage to tooth surfaces. So we should follow the correct brushing method to clean our teeth while protecting our health.
First, brush your teeth with warm water

The temperature of warm water should be close to body temperature. Too hot water can easily burn your mouth. Brushing your teeth with cold water will often cause tooth sensitivity and pain. Especially in winter, it is more necessary to brush your teeth with warm water to avoid causing tooth sensitivity.

Second, brush your teeth sooner or later

Early morning brushing is best done before breakfast rather than after meals, because morning and evening brushing is not just to remove food residues after eating in the mouth, the most important thing is to remove plaque on the surface of the teeth. After a night of sleep, brushing your teeth early can effectively remove plaque that gradually forms at night and reduce the incidence of oral diseases.

Third, a reasonable amount of toothpaste

The amount of toothpaste should not be too much. The amount of toothpaste for children should be the size of a pea, and the maximum size of an adult is two peas. When using an electric toothbrush, it is best to put toothpaste in the brush head, extend the brush head into the cavity, and then turn on the switch to avoid toothpaste splashing.Fourth, clean partition by partition

Fourth, clean partition by partition

Teeth can be divided into two parts, the upper jaw and the lower jaw, and the upper and lower parts can be divided into left and right sides, such as first up and down, first outside and then inside, and then left and right. Vsmile electric toothbrush “ W ”shape brush head can easily cover the teeth, allowing you to clean each tooth conveniently.

Fifth, each brushing time is 2-3 minutes

Adults generally have twenty-eight to thirty-two teeth. To completely clean the teeth, brush the entire mouth for at least two to three minutes each time. Vsmile electric toothbrush 2 minute smart reminder function, let you grasp the brushing time just right.







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