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How Long Will The Power Bank Last?

Power bank are smaller; lesser-known cousins are mobile power stations. They keep your power equipment, phone, and other electrical devices charged and operational. These compact power banks are portable and can be taken to construction sites, camping vacations, or anywhere else where electricity is required. They can also be used as backup power sources in a power outage if you need to keep your phone or other important gadget operating.

Electricity is available whenever and wherever you need it with the most excellent portable power stations. They don’t use gasoline and run almost silently, unlike portable generators. Models that are small enough to carry in a backpack can charge phones and tablets. During a power outage, heavy-duty models can power refrigerators or well pumps.

The lifespan of a portable power station depends on two key factors – how well the product is maintained and how often it is used. A cycle is when you use the product from a full charge to zero charge. So if you use your portable power station a few times a week, it may only last a year or two. But if you use it infrequently, it can last much longer.

It may also be affected by the backup unit’s power capacity and the number of electronic device connected to it. Lower-wattage teams can only provide roughly 10 hours of emergency power, whereas higher-wattage units can give several days of power. In addition, many contemporary battery capacity backup systems allow for solar panel charging, providing you with continuous charging alternatives during extended power outages.

Understanding the Lifespan of Portable Solar Power Station

In recent times, solar power generators have gained huge popularity because of their multifold benefits over traditional generators. From easy handling, and free energy usage, to minimising carbon emissions, these have made solar generators more popular and convenient than their earlier versions.

The lifespan of portable solar generators relies on a few factors such as the quality of its individual components, their ruggedness, plus the specified lifespan of the parts. A modern portable generator is made up of several parts and thus, every component contributes to the lifespan of the entire generator in its own way. So, let’s here walk you through some of the important factors of a portable solar generator that will help you to determine the lifespan of the power station.


Solar Panels


While some generators come with attached solar panels, for some others you have to purchase them separately. Generally, solar panels are made in such a way that they can last more than twenty-five years. So, besides the risk of mishandling them, there are no other additional risks that they will degrade in quality over time. Furthermore, these emission-free power sources also do not require any extra maintenance besides cleaning them regularly.



One of the main components of a generator is its battery. It is well known also, that these batteries take up a considerable amount of weight and volume. It is important to note that batteries are chemical devices and they come with a disadvantage of a limited life. So, it is wise to buy a solar generator that has great capacity plus long life.


Electronics and Wiring

Different types of solar generators come with different features. However, notably, some of them are equipped with major fundamental components and many wires. These wires are soldered to different parts such as the PCB or Printed Circuit Board, rectifier and inverter. So, when you buy a solar-powered generator your foremost task is to check the quality of these parts. However, for most of the generator’s lifetime, if these parts are not exposed to external damage. Then they are built to offer flawless service for many years.

Similar to laptop and smartphone batteries, power banks also have a certain number of charge-discharge cycles before the device loses its capacity. Generally, lithium-ion batteries will be at 80% capacity after 500 cycles, while others will experience the same performance loss after 800-900 cycles. Afterward, the portable charger can last for a long time, but there will be a gradual loss in capacity.

A cycle is used up when the power in a portable charger goes from 100 to 0% and gets charged back to 100%. However, there are a few different ways to consume a cycle, which can be done by charging the device from 0 to 50% twice, 0 to 33% three times, and 0 to 25% four times. How frequently you charge and use a power bank will determine how quickly a cycle is consumed. A power bank will suffer from performance loss every time a cycle gets used up.

On average, power banks last 4 to 5 years and can hold a charge for 4-6 months without losing much power.

For example, a 5000mAh portable charger that’s powered up once every two days, it will need 1,000 days to reach the 500 charge-discharge cycles and drop to 80% capacity.

Power banks that have a small battery capacity or low-quality build won’t last very long. This is mainly because the charge-discharge cycles will be consumed rather quickly. High-quality power banks with a large battery capacity will last a lot longer. Since the battery is bigger, you won’t need to charge it as often, which also means the cycles won’t be used up as quickly.

Regarding the amount of time a power bank can hold a charge. The majority of Li-ion and Li-poly power banks discharge themselves by 2% every month. The rate will often increase to 3% and 5%, depending on the type and care they receive. Storing the power bank in a hot area will also result in the device generating less power over time.


Guidelines to extend the lifespan of your power bank

power bank

  • Don’t let the power bank battery completely discharge to 0%

Discharging the device to 0% all the time will damage it and degrade the battery, especially if it’s lithium-based. The original charge capacity will also be lessened. Whenever the voltage plunges below 2.4A, carbonization will kick in, which causes the device to shorten its lifespan over time.  It’s good practice to charge your device whenever 50% of the battery has been used. This will ensure there is minimal damage to the cell.


  • Do not use in extreme heat/cold

Usually, any electronic device, like a laptop. It will slow down or crash when it’s overheating, which could also happen to power banks. Using the portable charger in extremely hot or cold temperatures can damage the battery cell. As a side effect, this will cause the unit to shorten its lifespan. To ensure the portable charger lasts for a long time, you must use it where the temperatures aren’t too high or low.


  • Make sure the power bank is only used with compatible devices

Standard power banks have an average of 3.7V and use 1A or 2A current. The 1A output is intended to be used for charging smartphones and sometimes you might want to use the 2A port for a quicker charge. Using the 2A output for this might actually damage your power bank and smartphone.


  • Avoid using the device in a bag

Using the battery pack to power up your smartphone while it’s in a bag is a bad idea. It will prevent the heat in both devices from dispersing properly. As a result, all the extra heat could potentially damage your smartphone and power bank, so it’s a good idea to use them in open ventilation areas.


  • Charge your smartphone to 80-90% with the power bank

Charging your smartphone from 90% to 100% will take more time and energy than charging it to 80%. It takes more time and energy to charge it to 100% because the voltage reaches a constant value with the charge current slowly tapering off over time.


  • Keep your power bank away from water

Most power banks aren’t waterproof, which can be problematic. If you leave your device in the rain or spill water on it, the unit will get flooded, causing it to be unusable.


  • Conduct periodical inspection

To ensure that your portable solar power station is fine. even if it is in storage for a long period of time. Making sure to conduct a periodical inspection. You can conduct it yourself after going through the user manual thoroughly or consulting experts.

Portable solar-powered generators are made with great care by top brands. Thus, you can have a great experience if you invest in one. Moreover, now that you know how long it can last you can stay worry-free. Also, since maintenance is a crucial factor behind extending its life span you can follow the above-mentioned points.


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