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Ski Goggles Windproof UV400 Anti-fog Ski Sunglasses

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Product detail

Material: TPU/PC
Product net weight: about 135g/about 148g
Headband size: about 50*4cm/about 54*4cm/about 50*4.5cm
Frame size: about 18*8.5cm (round)/about 18*9.5cm (square)
Frame size: The outer lens is scratch-resistant for 5h, and the inner lens is long-lasting anti-fog plate (the anti-fog effect has a service life of more than 5 years)

Product feature

Improve vision and maintain clear vision
PC high toughness and high strength lens
Double layer protection PC + anti-fog lens
Thickened windproof and warm design
Good breathability
Widened high bullet strap

Full frame large lens double layer goggles

All-weather smart color changing | HD polarized light | Shock resistance

Full frame, large field of view, large frame, clearer

The field of vision is wider and clearer than the old spherical surface

All-weather smart color change

This feature is limited to smart photochromic lenses

Colorful coating

Glare blurred vision Wearing polarized lenses can improve vision and keep vision clear

Widened high bullet strap

Strong flexibility

PC high toughness and high strength lens

Double layer protection PC + anti-fog lens

Internal anti-fog lens + external wear-resistant lens double protection
Not easy to fog, clear vision

Breathable sponge for wind and cold protection

Thickened windproof and warm design, effective cold protection, good breathability, smooth and comfortable breathing


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