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80PSI Bike Pump Portable Air Inflator Foot Bomba

Color: Black, Red, Grey

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Product Description

Stable: The bicycle pump is made of high-quality pvc material, which has strong bearing capacity and can be used for a long time.
Portable to carry: The bike pump is small in size and light in weight, which is easy to carry. it can be put in a backpack or handbag when not in use.

Product Details

Name: Aluminum foot pump
Material: Aluminum allay + nylon
Gas nozzlel: AV/ FV
Weight: About 300g

Product Features

1. Multiple models available
2. Time saving, labor saving, high pressure
3. Widening the tread, non-skid foot,Fast and stable
4. Aluminum alloy + high-strength nylon,good quality

Time saving, labor saving, high pressure

Bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, cars, hovercraft, various balls

Product Details

Fast and Stable- 80PSI

Can withstand air pressure about 80Psi
Step on the foot to pump the force more stable and inflate faster

Multiple models available

Comes with a gas nozzle

the ball needle comes with a storage compartment
Fit for all kinds of balls / balloons / and inflatable toys / air beds etc.

Aluminum alloy + high-strength nylon

Removable flexible hose ,Cold and heat does not invade

A/V,F/V dual-use air nozzle, easy to lock the buckle

Widening the tread, non-skid foot


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