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Arm Sleeve UV Protection Cycling Breathable Arm Sleeves

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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Product detail

Size: S-2XL
SPF: UPF50+,UVA<5%
Weight: about 29g(a pair)

Product feature

UPF50+、UVA<5% Sun Protection
Comfortable Fit Dry All Day.
High Elastic Fiber Free Movement.
Non-Slip Elastic
Cool To The Touch
Light, Thin Breathable

Ice & Breathable Sun Protection

Professional grade protection Block ≥95% UV rays

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (5)
Product Information
Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (13)
Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (1)
UPF50+、UVA<5% Sun Protection

According to national regulations: After testing, the UVA index of this product is 0.21%, and the UPF index is more than 50, which meets the sun protection standard

Outdoor Measured Data

Using a special instrument to detect the comparison between the value under direct sunlight and that under the shielding of this product, the ultraviolet intensity after being shielded by the sleeve is greatly weakened to negligible. It can be seen that wearing the sleeve can effectively protect the arm

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (6)
Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (8)
Match With All Occasions

It can be used in various occasions in life, bringing you coolness in hot summer

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (3)
Cool To The Touch

Cold-sensing craftsmanship feels cool to the touch Quickly reduce body temperature after wearing

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (11)
Comfortable Fit Dry All Day.

Elasticity fits the arm curve and is comfortable to wear Long-term exercise without sweating, keep dry experience at all times

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (7)
Light, Thin Breathable

The yarn feels light and thin, and the ice silk ensures that the skin can breathe adequately and is not stuffy to wear.

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (12)
High Elastic Fiber Free Movement.

High elasticity and stretch resistance, fit the Large movements are still flexible arm, not tight

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (9)
Non-Slip Elastic

2CM non-slip elastic with stitching above the sleeve Not easy to slip off during daily wear and exercise

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (10)
Gradient Color Bonus Points

Both strength and beauty

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (15)
Easy To Wash Not Easy To Fade

Using high temperature thermal transfer dyeing technology, high color fastness, washable and not easy to fade

Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (14)
Sunscreen Tips
Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (4)
Arm-Sleeve-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sleeve-Summer-Quick-Breathable-Fitness-Fishing-Sunscreen-Sport-Wear (2)


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