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Bicycle Full Face Scarf Winter Thermal Windproof Hood Breathable Cycling Mask Headwear

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Product detail

Material: (68% rayon, 25% polyester, 7% spandex) + (cotton PU, polyester) + copper + plastic PVC
Weight: About 85g
Colour: Black

Product feature

Skin friendly and warm
High elasticity
Wind and dust proof

Dustproof warm hood mask

Breathable and comfortable riding

Soft single-sided fleece, warm and windproof,breathable and skin-friendly, ready for winter riding

Three-dimensional shaping makes breathing easier

Combined with ergonomics, according to the face design,the mouth and nose are full of space,and breathing is more free

Lightweight and comfortable to wear without foreign body sensation

Soft and comfortable, not tight, as if nothing, easy to wear

Moderate length to block neck

comfortable protection, protect the neck from being eroded by the cold wind

Soft and smooth to the touch

Cut from single-sided fleece,soft and smooth, with good drape

Not stuffy, not dry,good breathability

Unrestricted wearing, soft and smooth, with good breathability

Gentle on the skin with moderate elasticity

Unrestricted wearing, moderate elasticity,not tight, with good ductility


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