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Bike Chain Lock 4 Digit Code Bicycle Lock With 2 Keys

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Product detail

Type: Chain lock
Material: zinc alloy / ABS plastic
Length: Password style about 96cm
key style about 95cm
Applicable: electric vehicles, motorcycles, glass sliding doors, etc

Product feature

Convenient anti-theft
Safe and portable
Double opening design Password key on
safety protection
Anti skid

Convenient anti-theft Double open chain lock

Password + key double opening / anti-skid and
wear-resistant Riding noise free / protective paint

Product information

Four digit password Safe and portable

10000 kinds of arrangement mode password unlocking
Convenient and fast without key

Thickened chain Measured display

The bold password model is about 17.19mm,
and the key model is slightly thinner

Extended lock body Multi vehicle lockable

Two locks with length ≈ 95cm / 96cm can lock
multiple cars More convenient to use

Double opening design Password key on

Double insurance is more assured. Four
digit password setting is matched with 2 keys

Zinc alloy lock cylinder ABS code wheel

ABS cipher wheel disc with zinc alloy lock cylinder
Rugged safety protection

Serpentine groove Anti theft key

Snake groove design has a low probability
of opening each other

user friendly design Wear resistant anti slip cloth cover

Anti skid, wear-resistant and noise free riding
Protective paint

Key money No key lock required

No key, no burden
Press the lock head to lock it

“O” chain Easy winding

The chain design is convenient to
wrap around the car Easy travel

Password setting method


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