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Bike Lock With Keys High-Security Portable Cycling Chain Lock

Shape: WL798, WD795

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Product detail

Material: Shell: ABS Lock Body: Zinc Alloy Links: Stainless Steel
Length: WL798BK-about 65cm; WD795-about cm
Colour: Black
Weight: WL798BK-about 507g; WD795-about 519g

Product feature

High quality material
Extended lock body
Small and convenient
Comes with stand
Applicable to various models
Coded stainless steel key

Convenient Rubik’s Cube Lock

Product information

High quality material

Protective layer: ABS plastic
Zinc alloy lock body
Machine cutting takes more than 30 seconds

Extended lock body

Small and convenient

Lighter and more portable, it can be carried in a bag or directly installed on a bicycle

Comes with stand

Easy to carry
When putting the lock on the bracket, be careful to open the lock with the key and then lock it into the bracket

Small and beautiful

Wheels lock securely with seatpost

Most of the cars are quick-release seatposts, which can be easily removed and taken away. The hamburger lock can lock the wheels and seatposts within a distance of 23CM.
It is recommended that the distance between the lock holder and the rim should not exceed 23CM

Coded stainless steel key

Each lock is matched with a key with its own code and the mutual opening rate is almost “O”

ABS shell – zinc alloy lock body

Avoid scratching the paint and improve the overall anti-theft performance


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