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Cycling Clothing Sets Breathable Jacket Unisex Sport Suit

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL

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Product Description

  • shock absorption: The hem with three shock absorbing soft eva foam cushioning, it can provide a comfortable fit to the bottom layer of existing shoes.
  • thick fleece: Soft and warm fleece lining design can keep you warm in cold winter.
  • solid color: Color matching, solid color cycling pant.

Product Details

Name: Spring And Autumn Cycling Suit
Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL
Jacket: 75D double line grid four-sided elastic
14% Spandex+86% Polyester
Pants: 75D double line grid four-sided stretch
92% Polyester+8% Spandex
Underwear (included): Polyester Jacquard
92% Polyester+8% Spandex
Fit For: Outdoor Mountaineering, Hiking, Cycling, Sports and so on

Product Features

1. Stretchy, Breathable and Comfortable
2. 3D Tailoring, Three-Dimensional And Shapely
3. Wicking And Quick-Drying, Light and Breathable
4. Watch Hole Design – Sensitive Touch Screen
Flexible Finger Buckle Design
5. YCC Smooth Zipper – No Snagging
6. Comes With Cycling Shorts – Highly elastic and comfortable
7. ST-MULTI Sponge – Cushioning and shock absorption
8. Pant Leg Wind – blocking fabric + breathable fabric
9. High Brightness Reflective Strip
10. Back Pocket For Storage

Spring And Autumn Cycling Suit

Outdoor Cycling

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (10)
Product Information
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (2)
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (19)
3D Tailoring, Three-Dimensional And Shapely

Fitted to the body, no fear of large movements

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (9)
Wicking And Quick-Drying

Light and breathable
Spring, summer and autumn outdoors without sweltering

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (3)
TPU Lamination – Sensitive Touch Screen

Watch hole design
Left arm TPU lamination design sensitive
Touch screen to view sports data at any time

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (5)
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (17)
Flexible Finger Buckle Design

Protects the back of the hand from shifting
Gives close protection to the hand

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (1)
Smooth Zipper – No Snagging

YCC smooth zipper

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (12)
Comes With Cycling Shorts

Highly elastic and comfortable
Fresh and breathable

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (15)

Cushioning and shock absorption
Moisture absorption and perspiration
Highly elastic, comfortable and breathable

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (8)
Patchwork Fabrics

Pant leg wind-blocking fabric + breathable fabric
Tight texture without binding feeling

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (4)
Stretchy And Comfortable

92% Polyester + 8% Spandex

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (7)
High Brightness Reflective Strip

Multiple reflective strips in front and rear to improve nighttime safety

Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (14)
Back Pocket For Storage
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (6)
More Details
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (16)
Product Show
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (18)
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (13)
Clothing-Sets-Spring-Autumn-Breathable-Cycling-Jacket-Comfortabe-Thin-Unisex-Windproof-Outdoor (11)


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