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Cycling Glasses Eyewear UV Protection Polarized Sunglasses

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Product detail

Material :TR90 Frame + TAC Polarized True Red Lens
Transmittance :Polarizer transmittance 15.25%(Cat.3)
lmpact resistance :Level 1
Weight :about 31g
Myopia frame :Send myopia frame
Color :Black sand/true red flakes

Product feature

Lightweight and portable
TAC polarized lenses
Ensure a clear view
Strong impact resistance
More comfortable to wear

Colorful coating, cycling glasses

Wear stress-free/myopia frame

High toughness, TAC polarized lenses

Lightweight Lens HD Polarized High Flexibility
Strong impact resistance

TAC polarized lenses

Ensure a clear view by filtering reflected light or glare from road surfaces, water, snow, glass, etc.

Flexible temples

High toughness, elastic feet, not easy to break, suitable for various face shapes

rubber wrap

The rubber material is softer and skin-friendly, not pressing on the ears, more comfortable to wear

Colorful coating, stain resistant lens

The surface of the lens is not easy to absorb fluff and dust, and it is not easy to be acid-etched by rainwater to keep the line of sight clear at all times

Comes with a myopia frame

The built-in myopia frame can meet the wearing needs of myopic people
(It is recommended that the degree of myopia is within 400, and the degree of astigmatism is within 200)


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