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Cycling Road Bike Bicycle Self-locking Pedals Bike Part

Style: LP-RD2BK, LP-R31, LP-RD2CF, LP-R21

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Product Description

Professional: Excellent bicycle pedals for road bike, mountain bike, bmx, cruiser, folding bike, etc.
Fantastic price: The bicycle pedals are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is more durable and has a long service life.
Accurate movement: The bicycle pedals are equipped with a large rotating shaft, which can be rotated freely and quickly. you can adjust the position of the pedal according to your own needs.

Product Details:

Name: SPD-SL Cycling Bike Bicycle Self-locking Pedal
Axle: 9/16″ Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel
Bearing: 2 Sealed Bearing
Cleat: SPD-SL
Size: LP-RD2BK a bout 100mmX92mm
Body: Aluminum Alloy
Weight: LP-RD2BK about 297g
Fit: Road Bike Bicycles
Locked Plate: Include 6 pieces of locked plates

Product Features:

Ultralight,2 Sealed Bearing,Easy to use and disassemble

Road Bike Self-locking Locked pedal

Save effort high stability,correct position,improved speed

Road Bike Self-Locking Pedal

Correct posture/increase cadence

The 4 Secrets Of Pedal Locks

Product Information

Cleat Installation

Please use a 4mm hex tool to install

Widened Tread

Provides a wide and durable contact area for efficient power transmission Strong aluminum alloy body More durable Effectively reduces wear and tear

With Locking Ppedal Adapter

Lock pedal becomes flat pedal in seconds

Chrome Molybdenum Steel Durable Shaft

Stable transmission Strong and durable, effectively ensure power transmission Improve cadence speed

Embed/Disengage Adjustable Tension

Tension design for freely adjustable insertion and extraction Adjustment with 2.5mm Allen tool

Stack Height Wider Tread Area

The stacking height and wide pedaling area effectively improve the transmission efficiency of the pedals

Strong And Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Pedal

Using lightweight aluminum alloy material, durable and guaranteed service life

Electroplating process

Not only the appearance is strong,but the function is more guaranteed


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