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Cycling Shorts Breathable Bicycle Shockproof Shorts

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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Product Description

Breathable: The cycling shorts are made of breathable mesh fabric, which can absorb sweat and moisture quickly, keep you cool and dry during riding.
Great size: The size of the bike shorts is suitable for most people, and the elastic waistband can be adjusted freely according to your body shape.
Multi purpose usage: The cycling shorts can be used as bike shorts, mtb shorts, running shorts, workout shorts, yoga shorts, sports shorts, etc.

Product Details:

Product Name:Cycling shorts

Product Feature

Breathable,Slim fit
High elasticity,but not tight
Reflective, quick-drying


1.The above sizes have 2-3 cm error, please understanding.
2.Our size is Asian size that runs smaller than US and Eur size.if not sure the size pls contact us firts

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (11)
Product Parameter
Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (6)

Fit your hips and cycling freely

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (8)

High-density sponge trouser pad, cushioningand shock absorption to protect the buttocks

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (7)
Good Trouser Pad

Shock absorption/ breathability/
perspiration/skin-friendly are indispensable

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (10)
Highlight Good Figure

Fits body shape, noteasy to wrinkle

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (2)
High Elasticity

More Comfortable

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (5)

Fast moisture absorption highly breathable
Experience a dry ride

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (1)
Anti-Slip Rubber

Non-marking anti-slip belt cycling is not slippery

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (4)
Reflective Strip

Reflective night cycling, double warning

Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (3)
Product Show
Summer-Cycling-Shorts-Breathable-Bicycle-Shorts-Tights-MTB-Road-Sport-Bike-Trousers-Shockproof-Sponge-Pad (9)


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