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Elastic Silicone Bike Phone Holder Adjustable For Most Phone

Color: Black, Grey, Blue, Green

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Product Description

Fits perfectly: The elastic silicone phone holder is suitable for all kinds of bicycles, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, etc.
Adjustable: The adjustable elastic silicone phone holder can be adjusted to fit different size handlebars. you can adjust the length of the strap according to your needs.
Quality first: Rockbros bike phone holder is made of high-quality silicone material, which is durable and not easy to break. it can be used for a long time.

Product Details

Name: Elastic silicone silicone mobilephone holder
Material: Elastic silicone
Weight: About 36g
Be applicable: Universal pipe
Colour: 4 Colors

Product Features

360 angle horizontal rotation, one-key disassembly andassembly, elastic silicone, multi-scene available

Newly Upgraded Silicone Phone holder Motorcycle Mount Support Handlebar


Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (5)
360 angle rotatable
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (9)
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (1)
Product Information
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (3)
Support most mobile phone models on the market
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (7)
Not easily deformed
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (8)
Can have a good view and unblock the buttons
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (6)
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (4)
4 Side buckle angle
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (10)
Esay to disassemble

Adjustable design,Wide application

Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (11)
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (12)
Anti-slip design
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (2)
Easy to use and cycyling safely
Adjustable-For-Most-Phone-Bicycle-Stand-Scooter-Motorcycle-Mount-Support (13)


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