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Motorcycle Gloves Sport Short Bike Gloves Half Finger Gloves

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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Product Details

Name:Motorcycle Bike Short Finger Leather Gloves
Material:High Quality PU Artificial Leather + Gel Protector
Weight:About 90g (L size pair)

Product Feature

1.Summer Travel Standard
2.Built-in Gel Protector
3.High Quality Soft Leather
4.Turn The Handlebar Firmly
5.Short Finger Touch Screen
6.Breathable Palm And Back
7.Wrist hook for free adjustment
8. Very Comfortable only 90g(L) a pair

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (6)
Product Information
Summer Travel Standard

Soft and comfortable leather, handsome and concise,built-in gel protection, a good choice for motorcycle cycling

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (13)
Built-in Gel Protector

Use gel protection on fist bones and knuckles, anti-drop and wear-resistant, improve overall protection and reduce the damage caused by the opponent in the event of an accident

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (8)
High Quality Soft Leather

Made of high-quality PU leather, the leather is flexible and more suitable for the hand shape, flexible and comfortable to wear and use

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (9)
Turn The Handlebar Firmly

Wear-resistant and non-slip PU leather surface makes the grip operation stable and reliable, without worrying about slipping and slipping

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (10)
Short Finger Touch Screen,No trouble
Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (3)
Breathable Palm And Back

Large-area breathable mesh on the leather surface ensures the free circulation of air in the hands and accelerates heat dissipation

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (2)
Loose Or Tight You Decide

Wrist hook for free adjustment

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (1)
The Fit Is Not Heavy Comfortable & Not Tired

A pair only weighs about 90 (L size),no burden to wear for a long time

Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (4)
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Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (5)
Bicycle-Gloves-Men-Women-Gel-Protector-Tactical-Motorcycle-Gloves-Sport-Short-Bike-Gloves-Breathable-Half (7)


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