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Photochromic Cycling Glasses Polarized Adjustable Nose Support

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Product Details

Name: Photochromic
GlassesUse: Unisex
weight: About 31g (No Packing)
Material: PC+TR+TAC
Size: About 14.5*12.5*5.7 cm

Product Features

3.Soft ear protection
4.Adjustable nose support
5.Built-in Myopia Frame

HD Large Frame Sports Cycling Glasses

High Definition vision/Electroplated color Lens/
Concealed Large Frame

Wearing Comfort to Block Dazzling Sunlight

The color of lens surface changes according to the change of outdoor sunlight intensity at night, the lens quickly returns to the transparent state to ensure the light transmittance

Electroplated Colorful Photochromic Lens

Adjustable Nose Support

lt can adjust and fit the nose bridge according to its shape
More comfortable to wear

Built-in Myopia Frame

Shortsighted people can also wear cycling glasses to enjoy cycling
Myopic lenses need to be matched separately
(It is recommended to use within 400 degrees of
myopia and 200 degrees of astigmatism)

Flexible Rubber Glasses Legs

Rubber patchwork glasses legs, soft and comfortable to wear, fit without pinching the face
The hollow in the middle is more wind guiding

Resistant to Dirt And Easy to Clean

The lens surface is not easy to absorb fluff and dust
It is not easy to be corroded by rain keep your
vision clear at all times


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